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Who are we?

Singularity Studio is building a whole universe, a future, on the blockchain. Whether that be in the form of a GameFi platform connecting community governance with global finance or an NFT marketplace with IP integration, Singularity Studio is Linking Life with Technology, one step at a time.

Singularity Stats

Here is how we are progressing so far with only one out of five "planets" live!


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Projects Being Built

The Singularity Universe

Singularity Studio introduces the Singularity Universe. A collection of metaverse planets that contribute to connecting the physical with the digital world.

ZOO Crypto World


In Development

Swap, Stake, Battle, Mine - ZOO Crypto World is revolutionising the GameFi space by gamifying DeFi into a playable founding universe.


In Development

A real-time dynamic trading system that integrates NFTs with real world usecases. Trade, earn and create with Ichiban and the ICB token.

QI Galaxy

In Planning

A Singularity Galaxy that faciliaties a digital world which connects systems of economy, game and social interaction into a universal hub.

Explore our Partners and Investors

Singularity Studio is trusted and connected with world renowned Venture Capitals and cryptocurrency innovators. With Singularity, comes quality.

Our Partners

The Singularity Potential

Why Singularity Studio? Here is what the Singularity Universe is bringing to the blockchain and technology space compared to other projects.

Diversified Structure

Singularity Studio is not bound to the limits of one project. We are a whole universe collection of GameFi, DeFi, Blockchain and Metaverse technology into a diversified structure.

Innovation Driven

The priorities of Singularity Studio is to provide solutions that accelerate the blockchain and decentralised movement, with innovation a must for the future of blockchain technology on Singularity.

High Quality

All products by Singularity Studio, whether it be a Zoo filled with NFTs and high DeFi returns or, a wide-reaching NFT marketplace, are shipped with quality aimed to improve the experience of all users.

⚡We are Singularity. We are fast. We are innovation.

Singularity Studio innovates with efficiency. We understand how important quality is, with all our products reflecting this.

Zoo Chain by SS 8,000 TPS
XRP 1,500 TPS
Ethereum 13 TPS
Bitcoin 7 TPS

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